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"Our multifaceted approach focuses on fostering a supportive environment and improving overall school culture."

About Mental Health and SEL Services

Help To Adjust incorporated (HTA) offers a comprehensive community engagement mental health/SEL program aimed at addressing the mental health and social emotional needs of students, parents, and school staff. Our multifaceted approach focuses on fostering a collaborative environment and improving overall school culture.

Mental Health/SEL Program1

Program Components For Students

  • Support: Life skills support groups and individual in-person or virtual therapy for students displaying socioemotional stress symptoms.
  • Monitoring: Progress tracking via student evaluation forms, ongoing conversations, attendance, disciplinary infractions, and feedback through student surveys.
  • Incentives: Relevant incentives such as food, trips, and gifts to motivate studentprogress.

Program Components For Parents

  • Engaging Workshops: Support for parents in developing effective strategies and increased understanding of children’s psychological well-being.
  • Individual Therapy: Addressing parents’ unresolved issues for more effective parenting.
Mental Health SEL Program1
Mental Health SEL Program1

Program Components For School Staff

  • In-Depth Workshops: Staff workshops to increase understanding and sensitivity to children’s psychological makeup and ways mental/emotional distress manifests.
  • Individual Support: Available for staff dealing with challenging situations.

Breakdown of Services:

  • On-Site Supportive Therapy

    Description: On-site therapists providing immediate, impactful therapy.

  • Life Skills/Socioemotional Support Group

    Description: Weekly support groups for disruptive students, addressing mental/emotional skills for personal growth.

  • Off-Site Socioemotional Coaching

    Description: Virtual coaching sessions for students in need.

  • Parent/Staff Workshop

    Description: Engaging workshops on pertinent topics.

Program Implementation and Customization

Schools can customize packages for the desired frequency and period, tailored to their needs and budget. HTA ensures seamless integration into any school schedule through discussions with leadership. Click on the link to see a menu of workshops.

Key Performance Indicators

Biweekly evaluation forms measuring students’ cooperativeness, academic effort,and overall demeanor/attitude.
Tracking disciplinary infractions and attendance since program inception.

Examples of Customized Programs

Example 1: Focused restorative support for 20 disruptive students with biweekly life skills/SEL workshops and off-site socioemotional coaching.

Example 2: Mandated enrollment of a student into a 1–3-month socioemotional coaching process.

Example 3: On-site therapy for two days/week for three hours/day for the entire school year.

Our Statement to you

HTA’s Comprehensive Community Engagement Mental Health/SEL Program offers a tailored solution to enhance your school’s culture. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss further and customize a program that meets the unique needs of your school community.